I like hugs,
The interlocking of bodies
In a simple yet complex act of love
Is indeed magical.

The ordinary overlapping of arms
And the resting of heads on shoulders,
In the slightest quest for comfort,
Goes way beyond the physical.
In those single moments,
An expression deeper than words
Is silently coined into existence.

I like hugs,
The light, welcoming hello-hugs,
Quick and rather shallow,
The tight and clingy goodbye hugs,
Intimate and time stuttering,
The enthusiastic, love filled thank-you-hugs,
Surrounded by gratitude,
The weak bodied, strong-support hugs,
Between a broken heart and a friend.

Hugs tell stories,
I love stories.

I love hugs,
They are a mumble jumble of priceless emotions,
Rolled into a simple yet almost-ordinary act.

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