The first day I arrived here on earth,

You welcomed me and let me lay on you,

I tossed and turned and wailed,

I even spent most of my time sleeping.

Im pretty sure I was such a bore.

But you never left me.


You’ve watched me grow from a baby to a teen

And over the years you’ve gotten married,

You have a lot of wives, I hear. Polygamist?

Haha! Who would have thought?

Yet you still love and have space for me,

A lot of space.


The night my heart got broken you were there

You let me cry. I hugged your wife so tight,

Im still amazed she was still there in the morn.

All the nights, I had a fever and couldn’t sleep,

And the other nights, I lay awake thinking of someone,

You made me comfortable enough to drift away

To dreamland.


Dear bed,

This is  my love letter to you.

Thank you for being there when I need you,

For your patience and for never hurting me.

Please thank the pillows, your wives,

For all the love they’ve shown me.

My heart swells with love for you.

I hate to leave you in the mornings,

But ill always be home with you every night.


  1. Hahaha…what would we do without beds dear?…its the perfect fantasy spot…and pillows too?sleeping without ’em even for a short while is the secret to excruciating neck pain for me..
    beautiful piece dear!….I like! 🙂

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