my annoying self.

people often ask how come im always in such good state with God and why I trust Him so much. Here’s the truth, im not always in good standing. Sometimes I mess up real bad, I do things I promised I wouldn’t do, I complain and nag etc. honestly, i am so annoying . But after all that I still go back to God. And I say, “hi God, I know ive messed up and its okay if you don’t want to talk… but I know you want to talk so please lets make things right”, I ask for forgiveness and move on like I did no wrong. Over time ive promised that I will never give up on me. I will never let my wrongs get in the way of my relationship with God. No matter what I do, no matter how annoying I get, ill still be back at God’s door every night . I know sometimes we feel like we done so much wrong and ure too filthy to talk to God. Lol! You shud see when im in that state. I walk straight to God and say,” I feel really filthy,please can u clean me up?” And He always does.


i dont care how messed up you are or what you did, All im tryin to say is everytime u do wrong, go to God first and say it like it is. Of course he will be disappointed but he loves you too much to stay mad at you. And once you ask for forgiveness, it is over, forgetten. It is finished.


you shud read… Psalm 103 vs 8-14

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