Please be innocent.

Dear child,
From the moment I learn of your inception inside of me,
My spirit will grow new hands to hold and shield you with.
And though you would not be born into this world yet,
I will speak true and noble things into your precious soul.

Dear Child,
I will love you with all the purity my heart can possibly muster,
I will sing to you on rainy days and laugh with you in the shinning sun.
I will be the wall the fire has to burn down to get through to you,
Your heart, your mind and spirit will be surrounded by lovely virtue.

So when the world throws hypocrisy and cynicism at you,
I would have equipped you with enough truth and optimism.
When racism is served to you in the name of skin colour,
You will remember that who a person is on the inside is all that matters.

For as long as you allow me to, for as long as I possibly can,
I will keep your mind uncorrupted by evil and malice.
All the simple things will be what makes your life so great,
You will be beautiful in your imperfection ,You will accept yourself.

Dear child,
Cling to your innocence with your tender hands,
Because once you lose it, it is impossible to get it back.
As you grow older, innocence slips away a little more,
So enjoy the pleasure of just not knowing. Be a child.
Don’t grow up too fast but when you finally do,
Stay young at heart and forgive like a child would.
Innocence is beautiful, believe me, it really is.

dear 19-year-old me

You are beautiful.
sometime within this next year,
you maybe forced to question this simple truth,
but regardless of how you feel, you really are beautiful.

You know by now that just like seasons, people come and go,
so wish those who leave well and love those who stay well,
but don’t ever make anyone to stay against their will.

Time flies real fast and it flies first class.
you don’t want to wake up old and gray,
with no memories or achievements to show.
So chase your dreams, every single one of them.

i’m not sure if there’ll be a new social network,
but for now, don’t ever twitfight.
Simply ignore whoever pisses you off and
save yourself the embarrassment.

Be good to people and wish people well.
don’t feel you’re better than anyone else,
because life has been a little more kind to you.

never miss an opportunity to make someone happy.
and happiness will be your special friend.

Work really hard to get extremely good grades,
Surprise yourself every once in a while.
smile at a child, sing in the shower,
and Talk to God every single day.

Dear 19-year old me,
it’s really a pleasure to finally meet you.
laugh a little louder and love a little deeper.
don’t stop writing, i really like it when you write.

What God is Teaching Me: – PUT YOUR FEELINGS ASIDE.

in the last couple of months, i have gone through an array of emotions and crazy moods and sometimes, i don’t even feel like talking to God. (i’m sure everyone has felt this way before) but still, every time, i can feel God nudging me to talk to him, to come into his presence even if its for a short time, sometimes i obey, sometimes i don’t.

Here’s a thing: you can’t worship God based on your feelings. Feelings are fleeting and there are days life will hit you hard and the last thing you will want to do is talk to God, but you’ve got to decide to talk to him anyway. God is good, no matter how you feel, regardless of what you’re going through, He is good. And the least you can do for him is talk to him and trust him. He’s got everything in control. don’t let your feelings get in the way.

they say “don’t tell God how big the storm is, tell the storm how big your God is”. i’m so thankful God has taught me this, i just had to share it with you.

God bless xxx.

The Nights Have Been Kind.

i have stood glaring into the darkness of the night,
and i have told my stories to the stars in the sky.
i have asked the moon for answers i wouldn’t want to hear,
and silence has never been more loud.

Countless times, the wind has caressed my face and dried my tears,
More than once, i have looked to the heavens for reason,
i have worn a smile even when my face would rather not,
Pretending that  my world wasn’t falling apart.

But the Nights have been kind regardless,
they have listened to my stories of love and hurt,
of  loneliness and friendship, of betrayal and hope.
they have gotten me through my lowest moments,
and filled me with strength to face the sunlight of a new day.