dear 19-year-old me

You are beautiful.
sometime within this next year,
you maybe forced to question this simple truth,
but regardless of how you feel, you really are beautiful.

You know by now that just like seasons, people come and go,
so wish those who leave well and love those who stay well,
but don’t ever make anyone to stay against their will.

Time flies real fast and it flies first class.
you don’t want to wake up old and gray,
with no memories or achievements to show.
So chase your dreams, every single one of them.

i’m not sure if there’ll be a new social network,
but for now, don’t ever twitfight.
Simply ignore whoever pisses you off and
save yourself the embarrassment.

Be good to people and wish people well.
don’t feel you’re better than anyone else,
because life has been a little more kind to you.

never miss an opportunity to make someone happy.
and happiness will be your special friend.

Work really hard to get extremely good grades,
Surprise yourself every once in a while.
smile at a child, sing in the shower,
and Talk to God every single day.

Dear 19-year old me,
it’s really a pleasure to finally meet you.
laugh a little louder and love a little deeper.
don’t stop writing, i really like it when you write.

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