The Things I Take For Granted.

today was one of those pretty sunny days; a little windy but beautiful all the same. i love sunny days. But amidst this beautiful day, there seemed to be alot of handicapped people around. On the bus, in the walkway, on the sidewalk, in class, everywhere i looked i saw someone that wasn’t whole and i thought “the things i take for granted”.

Just watching these people struggle to get around, watching them depend on their other senses, watching them smile and just keep living totally blew my mind. i don’t ever want to take for granted the fact that i have 2 legs, 2 hands, 2 eyes, ears … i don’t ever want to take the fact that all my body organs function properly for granted. i don’t ever want to take for granted the fact that i am sane or that i can think for myself……. i just kept telling myself “look how blessed you are”.

i know there are days when we have bigger things to worry about but i hope i never forget that it is a privilege to be whole and healthy, and it is something i constantly need to be thankful for.

God bless