New Baltshire.

Should i ever visit in the summer,
with my pencil and journal in hand,
i will find a coffee shop at the center of the city,
a seat next to the window and with my favorite muffin,
i will watch as beautiful souls walk by me.
i will drink in the beauty of this city,
while thinking of all the streets you must have walked.
and i will write about it.

i might occasionally stir my coffee absent-mindedly
as i picture you driving across town to see a movie
or get some grocery. but don’t be too concerned,
for i will paint you into the portrait of this beautiful city
unraveling before my beauty seeking eyes.

Should i ever visit in the fall or spring,
i would still find a coffee shop at the center of the city.
i will spend a couple of minutes watching the raindrops
race each other to the bottom of the window-pane.
i’ll be cheering them on with every fibre of my being,
and the winner will feel like it just won the lottery.

So tell me, what do you do on rainy days?
do the gloomy skies inspire you?
do you even notice how perfect rainy days are for those who cry?
notice how the sky cries with them? for it wouldn’t let them cry alone?
do you get mad because the rain ruined your outdoor plans?
or do you jump at the chance to stay indoors, turn up the music
and perhaps do a little dance?
i hope you do, it’ll be so divine.

But if i visit when you have moved away,
i will find a map and trace where you once called home,
i will walk the streets at night staring at the stars,
wondering if you ever noticed them too.
Should it rain, i will stand like the statue of liberty,
not moved, as the waters trace my skin, knowing they probably traced yours,
should the sun shine, i will bask in the light of the sun on my soul,
knowing the sun probably smiled at you every moment you were here.

My darling, it would be the most fulfilling journey,
and such a beautiful memories will i make.
i will visit, at least i hope to, i really want to.
and i really hope you’ll still be in town.

You with everything.

I’ve been thinking about you.
Between every major and minor thought
you slip through and you blend right in.
i could think of you and cake or you and snow
and it would make perfect sense,you know.
Thinking of someone while thinking of something,
a thought inside a thought, something like the inception
is really fascinating and quite unusual,thrilling even.
My mind conscientiously drifts to you,
like a boat sails towards shore.
you kinda look like home.

Still Learning.

the other day i watched fallen leaves dance in the wind,
they twirled and turned and danced around in circles,
so beautiful and gracefully in sync, like the wind was music,
the street was their stage and they were ballerinas or so.

i stood there, an audience of one- watching,
as the leaves flew around with so much ease,
going with the flow of the wind -almost fluid;
i wanna go with the flow of things like fluid.
For a moment i want to close my eyes and see
where and how far the wind is willing to take me,
i want to find some sort of peace in uncertainty,
find some pleasure in the moment,not knowing what’s next.

isn’t that what this whole ‘life’ thing is about?
having dreams and making plans but still not knowing,
not knowing if you’ll be here tomorrow and
if all those plans and dreams will come true,
if they are worth it ..

i’m still learning.
still learning that testing the waters sometimes isn’t enough.
Some waters, i will have to jump in with both feet,
Maybe for the better, maybe for the worse,
and if i need to find my way to shore, i will,
with a canoe filled with lessons to last me a while.
i’m still learning that fear is the chain
that keeps me from flying and wishing is never really enough.

2 places, 1 night and stars.

Tonight i am transported through continents by the absence of power.
Tonight i am back in the room where i spent my teenage years.

i would be lying in total darkness
except for the moon streaming its light through my window,
the wind has stopped by a couple of times and the fireflies too.
i lay horizontally across my bed, staring at the stars.
which one shines the brightest? which one’s afraid to shine?
which one’s isolated? which one wants to run away?

But i’m sure the stars aren’t thinking those,
i mean, they are stars and everyone wants to be like them.
Everyone wants to shine, everyone wants to be seen.
We are all stars in some way, i am most certain.

it is a thing of beauty to see the stars shine at night,
Regardless of what transpired in the day,
they come out and take their places in the sky and they shine.
They shine even if we aren’t looking; they shine because it is their duty to.

You and I, like stars are made to shine.
We are created to emanate the beauty of the creator.
So shine my darling;
Like the stars shine for you, be sure to shine for others.