Still Learning.

the other day i watched fallen leaves dance in the wind,
they twirled and turned and danced around in circles,
so beautiful and gracefully in sync, like the wind was music,
the street was their stage and they were ballerinas or so.

i stood there, an audience of one- watching,
as the leaves flew around with so much ease,
going with the flow of the wind -almost fluid;
i wanna go with the flow of things like fluid.
For a moment i want to close my eyes and see
where and how far the wind is willing to take me,
i want to find some sort of peace in uncertainty,
find some pleasure in the moment,not knowing what’s next.

isn’t that what this whole ‘life’ thing is about?
having dreams and making plans but still not knowing,
not knowing if you’ll be here tomorrow and
if all those plans and dreams will come true,
if they are worth it ..

i’m still learning.
still learning that testing the waters sometimes isn’t enough.
Some waters, i will have to jump in with both feet,
Maybe for the better, maybe for the worse,
and if i need to find my way to shore, i will,
with a canoe filled with lessons to last me a while.
i’m still learning that fear is the chain
that keeps me from flying and wishing is never really enough.

8 thoughts on “Still Learning.

  1. I’ve been so busy lately but as soon as i got the chance all i wanted to do was read the new poems and I love this one the most!!! I can definitely relate to this a lot and the others are so beautiful! hard to imagine that you are not some new York times best seller or something! Soon though! awesome job πŸ™‚

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