Heartsandpaper is a year old today and I only remembered when I got a notification from WordPress (how terrible) . This is my first post of the year so HAPPY NEW YEAR beautiful people :D. I hope this year is everything you hope it will be and more and I hope you experience God’s love and goodness.

On the anniversary note, i would like to thank every single person that has come on here in the last year. Thank you for your time, comments, for sharing the posts, telling your friends about it (i met some great people) and telling me how much you connected with one poem or another. You make this whole inspiration/writing thing so worth it.

I am so excited for all the inspirations waiting to be transformed into amazing poems and i look forward to sharing them with you.  I have a lot of really awesome projects planned out for this year and I hope I get the chance to write as often as i would like. Thank you for being the eyes, ears and hearts I get to touch with my art.

Poetry is my escape, let it be yours.
Don’t Stop Reading :).
God bless.

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