The smallest form of investment
without return will hurt.
It is impossible to put
even little bit of your heart
in something or someone,
and not feel a pang in your chest,
if it fails to thrive.

Losing HURTS.
Don’t believe anyone who says otherwise.

Can i guarantee harvest for your sowing?
No. But i can guarantee two things
there are NO safe investments
and you will grow with every step YOU take.

5 thoughts on “Losing.

    1. Not everything is worth investing in. It is important to analyze the risk you are taking. If the benefit you get isn’t worth the cost, then don’t.

      you should also be ready for the possibility of things not going the way you want them to. Enjoy the process, that way, if you lose, you will be satisfied that you enjoyed it while it lasted and you gave your best.

      thank you for reading.

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