Chin up.

Don’t do that.
Don’t walk around
with your head bent,
and your shoulders drained,
because you are unable to forgive yourself.

Don’t tell me I won’t understand,
how you stuffed a jar with the usual
“this-is-the-last-time” promise,
But found yourself burning it to the ground.

Don’t you dare tell me you don’t deserve
all the love and good tidings life has brought you,
because you have fallen more times,
than you have been standing.
Because you haven’t stopped bleeding,
from all your many wounds.

Chin up, Lover.
We are all human.
More human that we would ever dare admit.
And humanity, in its complete state,
demands that we crack and fall and break and bruise.
For we are sons and daughters of this scarred earth,
incapable of perfection but dripping beauty and goodness.

So please don’t tell me all the reasons why,
I shouldn’t think the world of you.
Your fine points and flaws have come together
to make the most beautiful work of art- your entire being.
Just take a look at you,
God must have been thinking the finest thoughts
when he wrote and sculpted you into existence.