It’s been a long day.

This is for the days like today,
When I do not feel pretty.
When I look in the mirror and
all I see are my imperfections
glaring at me, all the things
I would like to change,all the things
that should be invisible but aren’t,
Imperfect me, this is for you.

This is for days like today,
When I do not feel good enough
or smart enough.. anything but enough,
where every fibre of my being is weak
and unable to climb, slipping when I try.
the mountains seem higher than usual,
and it is raining harder than it should,
There’s not a shred of self esteem left.

This is for days like today,
when this is the hardest poem to write,
because my words aren’t coming out right,
because maybe I am not as good a poet as I think,
Maybe this is all a lie, my lines.. my poems,
Maybe i have been tricked into thinking that
my words somehow make a difference..

This is for days like today,
when every smile has been half fake,
every laugh has belted out with a little sadness,
every mindless thought has been devoted
to all the things that seem to be going wrong,
This is for feeling alone,
Like God doesn’t love me, like no one does,
Like i’m really alone in all of this.

This is the lowest i have ever felt,
The lowest i hope to ever feel.
No one should ever have to feel this way.

This is for me
and everyone else in the darkness tonight.
for the broken and the lost,the lonely and the hurt,
this is for you. I am with you.
wherever you are, Imagine I am holding your hand,
sitting in the corner with you,feeling with you.
Let this poem be a hug,
the warmest you have ever received.
I am with you in this darkness,
and Tomorrow we shall find the light.