Write about things.

Write about the things that happen to you.
Write about the things that people make you feel.
Write about the things you find along the way
and about the things you’ve lost as well.
Write about almost every person you meet,
about every person who caught your attention,
Write about that little boy who waved at you
from across the street,
Write about the old lady at the office
who said your smile brightens her day.

Write about how angry you felt when you watched the news this evening,
Write about how happy you were when you found those winter boots on sale,
Write about how you’re trying to teach your heart to unlove that person,
Write about the weather.
Write about how fantastic your life is,
then when it feels like it,
Write about how much it sucks.

You should write about these things,
because life gets busy and sometimes you forget.
You forget all these moments when you are really alive.
Write about the simple things,
Write to keep these moments alive,
Write so when you forget,
Reading will remind you.

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