Parking lot love

It’s no wonder the parking lot was our favourite place,
We would drive across town to a bookstore or some fancy place,
But we would end up sitting in your car for hours,
Our love was not meant for miles.

I always wondered why we would rather sit in moveable boxes
Than go out with our feet and explore the world with our love,
But now i see that ours was fleeting.
That the thing we felt was not strong enough for the storm outside,
The thing we felt was safest with proximity,
The thing we felt was meant for small, dark spaces like parking lots.

It was love, wasn’t it?
or maybe it just looked like love.
The thing we felt, sitting in the evening air,
Everything within our reach, laughing and teasing,
looked a lot like love. But somehow,
We couldn’t seem to love beyond the parking lot,
so we had to leave everything we felt there.

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