I hope he loves you in flowers

I hope the man who loves you
brings you flowers every season
Calendulas at the beginning of winter
and Cyclamen when it gets brutal
Daffodils when spring comes around
and Lilies right before summer

I hope he comes on the first day of summer with Daisies at his back and
Lavender, when you’re sad because summer’s leaving

I hope Autumn begins with Aster x Frikartii and
when the sun starts to set earlier
I hope he sends forget-me-nots to say
he thinks about you constantly

I hope he sends you Tulips after a fight
Jerusalem Sage when you’re down with a cold
and White Roses when you feel like you are difficult to love

I hope he plants flowers in the corners
of your soul and waters them diligently
and on nights when life has pushed you over the edge
I hope he buries his nose in your neck
like you do your flowers and plants a thousand kisses there

Most of all, I hope he opens his heart to you like fresh flowers
I hope he leaves the petals of his love in valley between your fingers
and I hope he loves you for reasons you did not even know were possible

They used to be boys.

{listen to audio as you read :)}

I wonder about the boys
who wake early to rip the air out of lungs,
Boys, because they are still their mother’s sons,
Boys, because they once sat at their father’s feet.

I wonder what they were like when they were younger,
Did they play football barefeet while the sun kissed their backs?
Did they dance in the rain or play in its puddles?
or run around in singlets and shorts belting out laughs?
Did they bruise their knees climbing guava trees?
Did the northern wind wrap them in its calm?
I wonder if they ever wished on stars
or played police and thief under the moonlight ?

I wonder if they ever thought about the future,
Did they know that they would
One day shake the foundations of an entire nation?
Did they know that they would be the reason why
sons never see their fathers again?
and mothers never hear their daughters laugh?
Did they know that they would,like forgotten treasure,
bury fear in the hearts of the young and old alike?
Did they know that they would stop thousands of hearts from beating?

I wonder if they pray to God at night,
Do they ask for forgiveness for taking away his children’s tomorrow?
Do they know there are people whose knees are sore from praying
that life cuts open their hearts to put the same amount of pain they have put out?
Do they know we are still waiting for our girls?
The ones they took in broad daylight from their school
and that their mothers are left with sobs knotted in their throats and sand in their hands?
I want to know because we have wailed and prayed and marched,
and all we have left are hissing lungs and faint breath,
We are tired and shaken,
afraid to leave our houses,
afraid to go to bus stations or malls,
afraid to even visit the house of God.

You know,
they used to be boys; our boys,
until they waged war on us,
They used to be ours
until they stained our streets with blood,
Now I wonder if they know a bomb lays where their hearts once stood,
I wonder if they know that beneath the mess they have made,
lay our brothers and our sisters,
limbs ripped off, flesh hanging loose,
beneath the rubble there are no tribes or religion,
no northerners or southerners, only children.
God’s children.