I hope he loves you in flowers

I hope the man who loves you
brings you flowers every season.
Calendulas at the beginning of winter,
and Cyclamen when it gets brutal,
Daffodils when spring comes around,
and Lilies right before summer.

I hope he comes knocking on your door,
on the first day of summer with Daisies at his back and
Lavender, when you get sad because summer’s leaving.
I hope Autumn begins with Aster x Frikartii and
when the sun starts to set earlier,
I hope he sends forget-me-nots to remind you
that he thinks about you constantly.

I hope he sends you Tulips after a fight,
Jerusalem Sage when you’re down with a cold,
and White Roses when you feel like you are difficult to love.
I hope he plants flowers in the corners
of your soul and remembers to water them diligently.
On the nights when life has pushed you over the edge,
I hope he buries his nose in your neck
like you do your flowers and plants a thousand kisses there.

Most of all, I hope he opens up his heart to you every day like fresh flowers,
I hope he leaves the petals of his love in valley between your fingers,
and I hope he loves you for reasons you did not even know were possible.


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