What we found

in each other was more
than we prepared for.
(There were) scars with new skin
broken nails with round edges
birthmarks littered like kisses
and a glow where our hearts endured.

It was stubborn and blinding
the kind that raised its head
without warning, looking
for every and any
thing that could withstand
an unprecedented explosion.

old home

it is the back
of my grandmother’s hands,
her veins,
the way they lean into
her skin, as if they cannot
remember what it means to

it is the wooden
bench, mastering its balance
with a broken ankle,
weighed down by
the gossip and buttocks of
market women.

it is my grandmother
serving afang so thick
it could have only been
made with extra
love and a little water.

it is the mosquitoes
commencing choir
practice just before
we start to eat.

it is the burn
on our finger tips as
We dig into the fufu

it is the fireflies taking
photographs. It is

my father’s childhood home.