the other side of truth

the truth isn’t always something we can grasp.
not because it isn’t real but because
sometimes the truth has thorns that will
journey through your defences. the truth
can in fact call forth blood.

the truth isn’t always kind or fair or soft
but we ask for it
we demand for it
as if it is meant to bring us warmth
as if it is supposed to bring us comfort
sometimes the truth is that lump in your throat
that song on the radio
that hand around your neck
sometimes the truth arrives and we cannot stomach it
because it’s nothing like we have imagined.

sometimes the truth breaks us
into pieces. Sometimes,
it doesn’t set us free.

14 thoughts on “the other side of truth

  1. So beautiful my Estti. The ending calls to mind what we’ve always been told, “Say the truth and the truth will set you free.”
    How is that we demand the truth even when this truth is not what we’d hoped; and it is nothing but pain. Maybe the little comfort lies in knowing that this truth is the reality and we will rather have the reality of it all than the fantasy of a lie. Maybe, somehow, there is still some freedom in the truth despite the pain that might come with it. Maybe freedom is not entirely the absence of pain.

    1. “Maybe freedom is not entirely the absence of pain” – wow! This is something I have to think about. I think I agree. I think I need to figure out what freedom means (at least to me). Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! ❤️

  2. I love how the lines in the second verse roll into one another, giving us not much room to breathe. Like even the verse couldn’t be set free by the truth.

    The detachment of experience is delivered perfectly by the audio. I love it

  3. Sometimes it’s like we ask for it Not because we really want it but because we ought to want it. Either way, when it all settles, it can be freeing.

    You are a brilliant writer Esther

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