Still Alive: Liebster awards and all

*dusts cobweb from blog*

I’m here now. I know its been over a month but i’m here now :).

Early this year, my friend and fellow blogger Afoma nominated me for a Liebster Award and i never got to make a post about it. About 2 weeks ago, another friend/blogger Yvonne nominated me again and i have decided to honour both nominations with one post; this one.

Thank you so much Afoma and Yvonne.

Here are the rules for the award:
(i just realized the two nominations have different rules, ill just adjust it to suit me)
1. Thank the person who nominated you
2. Answer the questions they have asked you
3. Nominate 11 other people
4. Ask the nominees 11 questions
5. Last and definitely least, let them know you have nominated them.

Unfortunately, i will be unable to follow all the rules because this will make this post longer than it should be. I’m going to go right into answering Afoma’s questions and then Yvonne’s.

AFOMA’S Questions
1. What word describes you best?
– i would say “Creative”

2. What do you plan to do after writing this post?
– going straight to bed 🙂

3. What’s the story behind your blog name?
– heartsandpaper is basically the notion that everything i write is from my heart and i transfer it to paper. Kinda cheesy, I know.

4. What do you love to wear?
– anything comfortable. socks and scarfs

5. If you had to live on one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
– *thinking* i honestly don’t know.

6. Hobbies?
– singing, writing, thinking, reading, worshiping, praying, fantasizing about my future, dancing, being on my own.

7. Any memories you’d like to revisit?
– *smiles* YES! absolutely

8. What word best describes me? ( If you don’t know me personally, then my writing)
– Sunshine ( your smile could light up an entire town)

9. What do you think about music?
i think music is such a gift and an integral part of our lives. Music is more powerful than we imagine.

10. Name three things you couldn’t go a day without.
– Food,prayer,oxygen

11. Say something random!
– im excited to try filling in my eyebrows again tomorrow. the first time i tried it was horrendous. lol, i’m getting better.

YVONNE’S Question
1. What inspires you ?
– Life. Everything about being alive and living on this earth is inspiring.

2. Apples or Pineapples ?
– Apples

3. Three Pet peeves of yours ?
– disrespectful people
– disrespectful people
– disrespectful people

4. What’s your best breakfast place ?
– my house (when im feeling inspired)

5. Your best item of clothing ?
– Scarf

6. Success is : knowing what you need, why you need it and working as hard as possible to satisfy that need . Success is putting your best foot forward everyday. Success is going to bed every night with peace of mind, knowing you gave the universe your best.

7. Best meal ?
-not sure i have one.

8. First thing that comes to mind when you here extinct ?
– Dinosaurs

9. When do you feel the happiest ?
– when my relationship with God is on the right track

10. Best Quote ?
– i am a “quotesaholic” ( i just made that word up) so i don’t exactly have one. i love too many quotes.

Aaanndd it’s a wrap!

Thank you to Afoma and Yvonne. Please check out their lovely blogs

Afoma –