Missing you comes in waves

Missing you comes in waves,
My feet are just behind the shoreline of moving on,
Some days my feet are dry and parched,
On other days, i am wet with emotions,
All the things i felt, All the things i feel
come reaching for me, beyond the shore.
Some days, i am not strong enough.
Today, i wasn’t strong enough,
I sat in the coffee shop wondering
why the waves were hitting so hard.
Last night, I could feel the waters kissing my toes,
Kissing and reaching, Kissing and reaching for more.
This morning, i woke up dripping, i woke up weak with feelings,
Missing you comes in waves,
Today the waves have hit harder than they ever have,
and i am not strong enough to resist.
I miss you so much; so much.

Your heart is not a dance floor or a waiting room

To my daughters I will say,
Never let anyone use your heart for a waiting room,
Don’t let them come in and sit, and walk around and play,
Not knowing exactly what they want to do with you.
Don’t let him stay, don’t entertain his play,
Don’t let him practice his waltz in and out of your life,
For your heart is not a dance floor; it is a home.
Ask for what you want and if he cannot give it to you,
You walk away.
Don’t spend another minute, hoping he will come around,
Because he won’t.


The smallest form of investment
without return will hurt.
It is impossible to put
even little bit of your heart
in something or someone,
and not feel a pang in your chest,
if it fails to thrive.

Losing HURTS.
Don’t believe anyone who says otherwise.

Can i guarantee harvest for your sowing?
No. But i can guarantee two things
there are NO safe investments
and you will grow with every step YOU take.