After five on a winter day

We almost miss your anger
when we walk through the door.

The air cracks like a shell
as we busy ourselves unbuttoning
jackets and untying shoe laces.
The air is still cracking
as we oven-roast vegetables
and pan-grill chicken for supper.

The air cracks a little more
as I hear her in the darkness
softly tell her mother
she would take away the roof
over your head if you weren’t

I fall asleep thinking of redemption,
of the ways we could restore,
of things to do to save us,
of how this could be forgiven
but never forgotten.



The smallest form of investment
without return will hurt.
It is impossible to put
even little bit of your heart
in something or someone,
and not feel a pang in your chest,
if it fails to thrive.

Losing HURTS.
Don’t believe anyone who says otherwise.

Can i guarantee harvest for your sowing?
No. But i can guarantee two things
there are NO safe investments
and you will grow with every step YOU take.

Just Incase You Have A Hard Time Breathing

He broke your heart, didn’t he?
Just like the summer, he left a little too soon.
Left you in the middle of the nowhere,
with bags of emotions and bottles of tears,
And now you have to find your way home… alone.

I’m sorry.
i’m sorry that the thorn in the roses he gave you, have you torn,
i’m sorry that your heart is hurt and like a baby, needs to be nursed,
i’m sorry that your vision of love has been jeopardized,
i’m sorry that “i love you” doesn’t mean i’ll love you forever.

So drink some tea and shed some tears if you have to,
lay awake tonight and listen to all the sad songs,
Stare into the darkness of the night, see if you can find some light,
tell yourself it’s not your fault that this is where it ends,
and maybe time will let you catch your breath.

Moving on is like running against the wind,
its hard because the wind keeps pushing too hard,
but slowly and surely, the wind will lose its strength,
and Time will come to your rescue right when it needs to.

i would help you run away from the hurt, if i could,
but i heard that pain like this demands to be felt,
So just incase you have a hard time breathing,
Place your hand on your chest and tell your heart “it gets better”.