15 lessons from my creative writing class

1. The moment you have readers, your writing will improve.
2. Read your work out loud.
3. Do not over modify.
4. In poetry, lines are a unit of action i.e. individual lines matter.
5. Don’t preach. Don’t explain.
6. Don’t settle for knocking on the door, go in.
7. Trust your readers to figure it out. Give them action and detail.
8. You go further- don’t settle for the easy or the obvious.
9. You must be willing to take risks.
10. Something has to be at stake when you write.
11. Know what your impulse (purpose) is and let everything you write come back to that impulse.
12. Don’t take criticism personally. If people do not respond to your work the way you want them to, it’s okay.
13. You have the biggest say as to what you work is or should be.
14. Do not underestimate the power of good editing.
15. Enjoy your writing- the process, the failures, the successes.


You remind me of the midnight sky
Filled with twinkling stars,
Calm,soothing,quiet and serene.

I am travelling back in time,
So I can at least make some moments
from the past, somehow close to present,
You are special.

Somehow a year has taught me,
What the days were a little afraid to show.
Somehow you wove your way into a part of me,
A part i’ll always remember.
Time really does have a way of letting you know
Who will always be important,
Ill sing with you.

Ill sing with you all the songs,
The slow-rock and weirdly beautiful melodies
That our favourite bands make,
Music is our connection, our common ground.
Time has taught me that too.
Allow me to stare…

Allow me to stare at the immense authenticity
That you exude, your mind is like fire,
Burning with the most amazing yet
Strangely believable insight, don’t let it waste.

Remember the calculator,
It touched my heart  in ways I cant explain,
Ill tell my little girls of moments like that,
You put me first, wore your heart on your sleeve,
I may not have known it right then,
But you won a spot on my paper heart,
You’re my inspiration.

The lines on my palm
Are a constant reminder of you.
I never knew I had some many lines
but you showed me,
that’s something I may never have noticed,
had our paths not intertwined.

I look forward to seeing how your life turns out,
All the moments we had, I didn’t exactly cherish,
I do now, time taught me that…Ill never forget u,
I call u GRAY.


Dear eighteen-year-old-me,
Just incase the sun does not shine tomorrow,
Be sure to have a flashlight in your backpack
And some extra batteries, Duracell preferably
Because one thing is certain,
Whether you’re ready or not, Life will go on.

Everyday you wake up to the light of a new day ,
Is an opportunity to love, laugh,Forgive, fight,
and never ever  give up, As long as you’re still breathing,
Quitting should never be an option.

I want you to not only see the world but feel the world,
Let your heart be your eyes,
Look beyond every sunset and every tear,
And even as you have your eyes up and wide open,
Don’t be afraid to look down and watch your step,
Not every ground on which you stand is solid ground.

Your heart and your head combined,
Make the most efficient and powerful GPS ever,
As you navigate your way through life,
Don’t be afraid to stop and smell the roses,
Make out time for friends and family,
Don’t go through life as if you’ll live forever,
Take time out to breathe…. you need to.

you see your heart,
it’s going to get broken a couple of times,
but there’s no heart too broken that God cant fix,
so don’t be afraid to take calculated risks,
the results may not turn out how u want ’em to,
but one thing’s certain, if u fall,
God will be waiting with his arms stretched out.

Dear eighteen year old me,
I’m pretty sure you still have many more years to live
And many more things you’re yet to be,
Don’t live in anger of the past or fear of tomorrow,
And just in case tomorrow doesn’t come,
I hope u can look back and smile.