Survival 101

Perhaps this is why the world refuses to stand still.
Perhaps being in constant motion is the only thing
keeping us from being crushed
by the weight of everything we lose.
Perhaps this is why we mustn’t stop
even when everything hurts
even after the world around us has taken on new colour –
a shade darker that we have ever felt
Perhaps this is when we force our lungs
to hold more air, our hearts to carry
a little more tenderness. Perhaps
the only way we can survive
is by living right through it.



Do you ever feel alone?
The kind of “aloneness” that doesn’t leave you
gasping for human interaction,
The kind that seems alright to contain,
The kind that envelopes you like a love letter to be read.
Knowing i often picture people constantly in motion,
surrounded by breathing, hearts-beating and voices,
yet utterly alone in their heads…but not lonely.
I feel alone sometimes, do you?